This is the perfect community for you if…

1 - You're sick of the free groups where everyone is just there to promote themselves or make themselves look good by making others feel bad. This is a vetted community so you can trust it is filled with other progressive, authentic, supportive, and fun individuals who are serious about becoming more successful in their careers. Plus, the small fee keeps out those who are not serious about self-improvement (the trolls).

2 - You don't like to comment or ask questions because of the way some idiots responded in the past. While we would love for your input, it is finewith us if all you do is read, look and listen but remember, no question is considered foolish here and arrogant, cocky remarks will not be tolerated. We are all here to learn from each other.

3 - You're an employee and want to excel in your career but have heard the word "Brown Noser" from your co-workers when you strive to do better or learn more. When employers andemployees see things from each others point of view, the work environment improves and everyone prospers. We are here to help foster such an environment. 

4 - You're a boss and love your partner and friends, but they don’t get it when you rant about overdue invoices, unreasonable customers, or your most difficult employees. We care about the financial and mental success of our members AND understand the unique issues of running a business.

5 - You want a dirt-cheap membership site that won't break the bank if you get too busy to visit and yet will still give you a high yield return via tips, ideas, and training that will result in tens of thousands of dollars in return!

On the other hand, it's not the right place for you if you're closed-minded, enjoy shaming and blaming others to make yourself feel better or think you know it all.

What's Inside?

Paid Subscribers will have access to:

  • A Drama and Arrogant Free Social Media/Traning center.
  • A forum where members can post questions, receive answers, tips and tricks about marketing, overhead and profit, Estimating, Pricing, handling employee issues, dealing with difficult customers and much more.
  • Blog posts that give training in every area and keeps the main thing the main thing. Proft High and overhead Low
  • Videos of training as well as other tips and insite on the do's and don'ts of running a more profitable business.
  • Photos of some great and not so great workmanship
  • Groups that member can join and partake in discussions that match there interests.
  • An "Ask Bob" section where members can ask him questions about succeeding. 
  • Access to Free tools such as Direct Cost and Material Markup Calculators
  • Personalized coaching that will help members grow THEIR business!

And Much More.....

Keep it clean. If your vocabulary is so small that you must use vulgar language to express yourself please refrain from commenting.

Keep it professional. No one was born an expert and putting someone down or calling them names because they may ask a question or post a comment that may seem foolish to you is not professional and will not be tolerated. 

Keep the main thing the main thing. This site is to help each other learn about and share experiences and photos about the electrical trade. It is not for porn or any other non-trade material.

Don’t spam members or try to sell them something. If you would like to offer free samples or trials of your products or service or would like to sponsor content, message Bob Wagner.